A Thrill of Hope

A thrill of hope

Why? Why is it a thrill?

The weary world rejoices

Yes I feel that. I am weary this time of year. It’s cold. It’s busy. I’m tired. I could use some hope. But – rejoices? Why would I rejoice in my weary state?

This week I began to process hope in light of the first week of Advent. Hope can be elusive. It is not tangible. You can not buy it at a store or through Amazon Prime.

Sometimes my hopes feels as solid as the ice fastened to my windshield on this cold winters morning, and other times it is like trying to grab a fist full of running water.

I don’t have to tell you that our world can feel hopeless. You already know that. Pull up a newsfeed or read comments anywhere and the world can feel incredibly bleak. I’ve been there. I’ve felt it facing something as small as “laundry mountain.”

So how do we find hope when the world seems to fight back against it with its pressures, deadlines, news stories and criticisms? How do we see hope when life is so overwhelming? When it seems as far away as the stars in the sky?

Isn’t it funny that the darker it gets outside the brighter the stars appear?

It has started to get dark early. Too early for me. Though living in the city it is never really that dark. There is always the light of a passing car, a porch, or a streetlight. It’s never really dark enough to see the stars in all their glory.

So when you find yourself in the “middle of nowhere” and look up to the sky it is truly a magnificent splendor.

I imagine it was a very dark field those shepherds were laying down on. Those who kept watch of their flocks by night. No street lights, no headlights driving by. Simply illuminated by the moon and the blanket of stars. Until it appeared, “the glory of the Lord.” (Luke 2:9) In an age where light and dark was solely determined by the sun, moon, and stars, this light must have indeed been terrifying.

The message of hope was brought with so much light it was overwhelming.

Hope had arrived. It was here. That was the moment everything changed. And it came piercing through the darkness.

Much like it does today.

The hope of Jesus is as true for us as it was for those shepherds 2,000 years ago. The hope of glory. The glory of the Lord. The light of the world.

He arrived. He came. He healed. He transformed. And through His death and resurrection we have that hope available in an instant. That same moment of glory that pierced through the dark pierces our hearts – awakening, terrifyingly bright and alive, and with it brings joy, peace and love.

One tiny infant package, one eternal hope for our souls. The shepherds heard this good news and they went to see this hope for themselves. We have that choice as well. We don’t have to stay stuck, sitting in the darkness. We get up, and we go. We go to Him, the giver of hope.


Hope in pain

Hope for a future

Hope in the darkness

Hope for a better day ahead

Hope for life abundant & eternal


So yes, it is a thrill of Hope indeed

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