I am so glad you’re here! God has put it on my heart to create a space to encourage women to draw closer to Him - so here I am. I have a passion for communication: podcasting, writing, & speaking. I am praying you find the words & resources helpful and that they guide you to connect deeper with our Creator. 

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For some of us it is actually the fact that we are drowning in laundry and a to-do list a mile long that we aren’t able to spend time connecting with God. So I want to share practical tips as well as spiritual insights to help you connect with God and thrive in your life despite life’s challenging circumstances. I want to help you get unstuck and actually enjoy your life.

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I love creating practical resources to encourage you on your journey - click below to see what's available! My writing includes articles for mommentor.org & joyfullifemagazine.com, blogging and a 6 Week Study called 'Tangled' that's soon to be released - stay tuned for its release date and where to access it!

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5 Days to Deep Soul Rest

Feel like you've lost your way when it comes to knowing how to actually recharge your batteries? Perhaps the things you do to relax leave you feeling even more tired afterwards? I'd love to share some wisdom I have learned on how to experience deep, soulful rest. Let me know you'd like to receive it - and I'll share it over the next 5 days straight to your inbox! 

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Writing Samples


Cultivate Your Soul

"I looked down at this garden in front of me and began to label each unique flower…joy, hope, peace, patience, love…the Fruits of the Spirit springing up right in front of me. But as quickly as I wrote the words, I wondered – why don’t I have these fruits? Why do they seem so impossible, so unattainable?"


The Cure

"Motherhood is a really big deal. And I didn’t like it very much. I think a lot of us have ended up here. This place where life seems to happen to you. Where somehow along the way you lost who you are or who you wanted to be. We wanted these kids right?"

Leverage Post

Real-Time Servant Leadership

"White sneakers, pink sweater, and a high ponytail. I was not expecting a lesson on leadership to come from this unassuming student in my Grade 9 foods class..."